Monday, 10 June 2013

Ilkley Highline

I generally think of myself as being an optimist, I like to try and make the best out of any situation.

When I thought I'd broken my arm, with a trip to the Verdon Gorge booked in two weeks, it seemed like there were very little positives to take from my situation. There were so many amazing routes I wanted to try. I was also worried that my Greenland Expedition in 6 weeks would be affected. I felt stupid jeopardising so many amazing climbing opportunities for a bit of fun at Almscliff. After most of a day lying on my bed feeling sorry for myself, I was idly googling the Verdon when I came accross a sketchy video of someone walking a highline above an enormous void...


There was only one problem... I sucked at slacklining!

I spent 10 days FRANTICALLY practicing, it was fun learning a new skill like this because I could notice huge improvements literally every day. The only problem being when I fell to the right I had to just land flat on my side because I coudnt put my injured arm out to protect myself!

Then, the weekend before I left, a sunny Saturday dawned and we decided to go try it out across Ilkley quarry. Aided by some seriously colourful clothes and a powerful hat..

Ilkley Highline from Jacob Cook on Vimeo.

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