Thursday, 25 April 2013

Lord of the Swings

11 Grove gardens has become the beating heart of unemployed and student climbers in Leeds. We currently have the 5 people with bedrooms, Ian Cooper has a den in the basement and Tom and Harry in the living room under the board. With various girlfriends this makes about 10 people at any one time. It's total chaos but a lot of fun. We've been going to Malham a lot and I've been trying Bat Route. The problem is what to do on rest days...

When we got to the bridge it wasn't clear whether it was on or not, it looked like the depth of the bridge might mean you just hit the water, but after an hour or so of rigging and chucking a rucksack off, it was definitely on. I was first in line...

Lord of the Swings from Jacob Cook on Vimeo.

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